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The Idea Book, a companion workbook to the Collaborative Creativity textbook, gives educators and facilitators hands-on activities, tactics, and strategies to develop a culture of collaborative creativity in educational or professional environments.

Robert Kelly

Educator, author, artist, and keynote speaker Robert Kelly is a recognized leader in the fields of collaborative creativity, creative development, design thinking for innovation, and transformational educational practice. He is academic coordinator of the Collaborative Creativity and Design Thinking for Innovation graduate program in the Werklund School of Education, and an associate professor at the University of Calgary. Robert has been an invited visiting scholar and keynote speaker at several postsecondary institutions for his work in the field of collaborative creativity.

Stephanie Bartlett

Stephanie Bartlett is a PhD student in Educational Research at the Werklund School of Education at the University of Calgary where she is also a postsecondary instructor at both the undergraduate and graduate levels. She has been a co-designer of graduate level courses in education focused on creativity, design thinking and social innovation.

Keith Christensen

Keith Christensen is K-12 educator known for innovative and inventive educational practice. He is widely recognized as a leader, mentor and primary professional development resource in design thinking and innovation in education.

Erin Quinn

Erin Quinn is an educator who prioritizes creativity, design thinking, and collaboration in her work and life. She teaches middle school Humanities and Art, and has also taught and co-designed graduate courses in education focused on creativity, design thinking and social innovation.

Carla-Jayne Samuelson

Carla-Jayne Samuelson is an educator specializing in Drama, Theatre Education and English with a focus on building educational collaborative cultures to enhance school-wide creativity. Carla-Jayne comes from an extensive background in theatre, singing, and songwriting and as co-designer of collaborative creativity learning experiences at the graduate level in education.