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Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) is a concise source of information on this disorder. It explores the questions and concerns of parents and teachers. Dr. Moghadam and six others describe the history of this disorder, its causes, prevalence, and diagnosis. Further chapters are on the use of drug therapy, behaviour management, educational issues, parenting and family life, and other approaches to the management of ADHD. Complications and ADHD in adolescents are also discussed.

This book is not a scientific discourse, but rather it is a detailed presentation of the current knowledge on attention deficit hyperactivity disorder. It provides readers with a basic understanding of the disorder and is a reference point for making informed decisions on available treatments, and courses of action. 

Table of Contents

1. A brief historical review
2. ADHD—What is it?
3. The prevalence of ADHD
4. The causes of ADHD
5. Diagnosis of ADHD
6. Management of ADHD: Drug therapy, T. Govender, MD
7. Behaviour management, Stephen Maunula
8. Classroom management/educational issues, Carol Skelly
9. Parenting and family life, Mila Wendt
10. Other approaches to the management of ADHD
11. ADHD complications, Samuel Y-Y Chang, MD
12. ADHD in adolescents, Geraldine Farrelly, MD

Dr. Hossein Moghadam

Hossein Moghadam, MD, MPH, FRCPC, was a pediatrician with a special interest in the developmental and behavioural disorders of childhood. He was a professor emeritus of pediatrics and community health sciences at the University of Calgary.