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This book contains the collective energies of several authors who were invited to write about leadership in Canadian education. Each author delivers a perspective that will trigger the reader to both question the text and thoughtfully examine the ideas put forward. While the topic at hand can be examined from many different vantage points, this text addresses Canadian education from a provincial and regional focus. The perspectives presented in this text are both timely and current, and the authors have made a concerted effort to include the voices of writers from across Canada who are themselves education leaders of considerable integrity and resourcefulness.

Table of Contents

1. Redefining educational leadership for the twenty-first century, Raymond Williams and Ken Brien
2. The quest for equity and excellence in public schools: A portrait of transformative leadership, Yvette Daniel
3. Leadership practices and school improvement in Alberta, George Bedard
4. Investing in moral literacy: Where are you now? A Manitoba perspective, Carol Crippen
5. School boards and educational leadership in Canada: The changing landscape, Duncan MacLellan
6. Developing school administrators who lead with the emotions in mind: Making the commitment to connectedness, Brenda Beatty
7. Multicultural educational leadership in Canada, Verna McDonald
8. The evolving teacher, leader, and action researcher, Thomas G. Ryan
9. Community, cooperation, and inclusion: An alternative future for leading Ontario's community schools, Jason Price

Thomas G. Ryan

Thomas G. Ryan, EdD, is a professor at Nipissing University's Schulich School of Education. He received his EdD from the University of Toronto and has research interests in ​leadership, education reform, action research, and mixed methods research.