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Spark continual creative growth for both learners and educators.

Topics include:

  • How to create an educational culture conducive to creative development.
  • Effective instructional design and assessment for creativity.
  • Bridging the gap between design thinking and design doing.
  • Teacher education and training for creative classrooms
  • Key vocabulary and theory in the field of creativity.

Creativity is a key ingredient for success in the knowledge economy of the 21st century, where skills such as collaboration, communication, and critical thinking are central. Most educators agree that encouraging creativity must become a central goal in the classroom, but they face an ongoing struggle to build and maintain an environment that promotes their students’ creative development.

In Creative Development: Transforming Education through Design Thinking, Innovation, and Invention, Robert Kelly equips educators with the theory, strategies, and tactics that allow creativity to flourish. Creative Development features voices from the field to showcase practical, real-life examples of successfully fostering creative development in education.

Table of Contents

Introduction: The concept of creative development
Chapter 1: Understanding creativity, creative capacity, and creative development
Creating Development 1: A Journey into connectivity, creativity, imagination, and perception: A conversation with John J. Cimino Jr.
Chapter 2: The educational culture of collaborative creativity
Part 1: The foundations of an educational culture of collaborative creativity
Part 2: Creating conditions for a culture of collaborative creativity
Creating Development 2: Building trust and accepting ideas
Chapter 3: Engaging in creative practice: From design thinking to design doing
Creating Development 3: Introducing design practice: The idea exchange, mousetraps, and elephants in the room
Creating Development 4: Design thinking for change
Creating Development 5: Designing educational space for creativity
Chapter 4: Learning experience design for creative development
Creating Development 6: Learning to let go: Transferring creative ownership to students
Creating Development 7: Lingering with words: Developing creative writing and living creatively
Creating Development 8: Creative development in mathematics education: A conversation with Conrad Wolfram
Chapter 5: Assessment as creative development
Chapter 6: Creative development in teacher education, in the field, and beyond
Part 1: Creative development and design thinking in teacher education
Part 2: Creating change in the field
Creating Development 9: Transforming my elementary school culture: A principal’s story
Creating Development 10: Challenge convention
Creating Development 11: Scaling creative development from district to nation
Creating Development 12: Inventing and creating a new school: A conversation with Andy Smallman
Epilogue: The way forward: Implications for global education and its transformation
Afterword: Flying into the unknown

Kelly shows what creative-intensive education looks like and inspires readers to embrace an educational culture of creativity. He applies his perspective on creative development to inform and instigate profound educational change.

Teachers College Record

Robert Kelly

Educator, author, artist, and keynote speaker Robert Kelly is a recognized leader in the fields of collaborative creativity, creative development, design thinking for innovation, and transformational educational practice. He is academic coordinator of the Collaborative Creativity and Design Thinking for Innovation graduate program in the Werklund School of Education, and an associate professor at the University of Calgary. Robert has been an invited visiting scholar and keynote speaker at several postsecondary institutions for his work in the field of collaborative creativity.