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Bringing creativity into mainstream educational practice has become a mantra among educators. But what does creative practice in education really look like? Take a journey around the globe with educator and artist Robert Kelly to witness innovative creative practice in action, with examples from early childhood to post-secondary levels.

Through stories and real-life examples, discover the techniques of global leaders in creativity and design thinking, including India’s Riverside School, Denmark’s Kaospilots, and San Francisco’s Brightworks. Educating for Creativity provides a theoretical framework for creative practice and creative development alongside a practical exploration of how to make creativity in education work from pioneers in the field.

Table of Contents

Preface, Robert Kelly
1. Educating for creativity, Robert Kelly
2. Creativity in teacher education, Robert Kelly
3. The arc, learning by making and learning by inventing, Gever Tulley, with an introduction by Robert Kelly
4. A change agency for creative minds, Malene Post
5. Designing education: A conversation with Larry Rosenstock, edited by Robert Kelly and Laurie Alisat
+ Creating the feeling of collaboration: The art of ensembling, Ian Prinsloo
6. Design thinking for change, Veena Parankush Das and Niall Walsh
7. The Mobius strip and the creative community, Steve Miranda
8. Creative thinking, creative doing: Culture, thinking and learning for creativity, Ted Hamm, Tad Phippen Wente, Karen Robison, Peter Woods, and Molly Zielke
9. Rules of the playground, Brad Burns, Sherryl Clelland, Greg Dowler-Coltman, Tami Dowler-Coltman, Lindsay Ingram, and Kylie Weatherall
+ The global influence of Reggio Emilia inspiration, Deborah Forbes
10. A learning community that supports creativity, Alison Maher, Ellen Hall, and Lisa Stevens
11. Design doing: Putting thinking into practice, Luigi Ferrara, Elise Hodson, and Michelle Hotchin
12. Innovation through science and design, Matthew Wunder, Carla Levenson, and Sue Beauregard
13. Developing creative confidence in educators through design thinking, edited by Robert Kelly
+ The essential role of metaphorical thinking in creative practice, Ian Prinsloo
14. Creativity for a good life, Jens Pedersen (with inspiration from Soren Langager, Annemarie Hojmark, and Spaet Henriksen)
15. Creativity across diverse classroom settings, Jean Hendrickson
16. Creative schools partnership: Creative education on a large scale, Mike Scott; Marie Garside and Bernadette Furey; Charlotte Krzanicki, Katie Smith, and Iain Erskine; edited by Robert Kelly and Laurie Alisat
17. More creativity, edited by Robert Kelly and Laurie Alisat, with contributions from Kristin Simpson and Carlo Ricci
Afterword, Robert Kelly
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About the editor

Robert Kelly

Educator, author, artist, and keynote speaker Robert Kelly is a recognized leader in the fields of collaborative creativity, creative development, design thinking for innovation, and transformational educational practice. He is academic coordinator of the Collaborative Creativity and Design Thinking for Innovation graduate program in the Werklund School of Education, and an associate professor at the University of Calgary. Robert has been an invited visiting scholar and keynote speaker at several postsecondary institutions for his work in the field of collaborative creativity.