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Contrary to those mainstream efforts that paint racism and social oppression as remnants of a troubled past, today's relations of social power remain intractable as they continue to mediate and discipline the lives of the oppressed. Recognizing that racism and other forms of oppression continue to evolve and adapt to our changing times, it is crucial that our strategies for resistance are equally dynamic and proactive. In this reader, Leeno Karumanchery has brought together some of critical theory's most powerful and insurgent voices to explore this vital strand of the anti-racist tapestry by asking, "How do we understand our oppression, and how do we frame and manage our resistance in the face of it?"

Engaging Equity is framed as a sociohistoric expose of the Western educational system, revealing the banality of oppression in today's schools. Developed within a philosophy of hope, this book reminds us that real and meaningful change towards social justice can be achieved, but only if our politics, strategies, and resolve are equal to the task.

Table of Contents


Section I: Theoretical Underpinnings
1. The dialects of power: Understanding the functionality of White supremacy, Shirley Steinberg
2. Racism “renewed”: Nationalist practices, citizenship, and fantasy post 9/11, Kayleen U. Oka
3. The ties that bind: Thinking through the praxis of multicultural and anti-racism education in Canadian contexts, Carl E. James
4. Spectacles of race and pedagogies of denial: Anti-Black racist pedagogy Under the reign of neoliberalism, Henry A. Giroux

Section II: Lessons in Betrayal: Educating the Oppressed
5. Empire building for a new millennium: State standards and a curriculum for imperialism, Christine E. Sleeter
6. Racism in educational sites: Sustaining oppression and maintaining the status quo, David Gillborn
7. Lessons in civic alienation: The color and class of betrayal in public education, Michelle Fine and April Burns

Section III: Building Praxical Anti-Racism
8. Unmasking racism: A challenge for anti-racist educators in the 21st century, George J. Sefa Dei
9. Reinventing and redefining whiteness: Building a critical pedagogy for insurgent times, Joe Kincheloe
10. Dancing with turtles: Building alliances between communities and the academy, Ginette Lafrenière, Papa Lamine Diallo, and Donna Dubie
11. Implications for anti-racist education: A pedagogical needs assessment, Leeno Luke Karumanchery

Contributing authors

Leeno Karumanchery

Leeno Karumanchery, PhD, is the founder and executive director of Diversity Solutions Inc, which workks to create a model for diversity management that would allow dedicated organizational leaders, staff and stakeholders apply their experience and knowledge towards the creation of healthier more productive workplaces and communities. With a PhD in Sociology from the University of Toronto, Leeno is widely published in the field of equity and diversity-based reform.