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Daniel Jarvis and Irene Naested highlight the natural association between math and art in a series of practical ideas for the classroom, because when students understand the math/art connection, their understanding and confidence increase in both subjects.

Through innovative teaching strategies and more than 100 rich learning experiences, Jarvis and Naested give teachers a wealth of engaging tools to explore the math/art connection with their own students. This connection is established through examinations of natural and human-designed objects, from how pine cone scales spiral out in a Fibonacci sequence to how geometric shapes combine in architecture to form some of the most beautiful structures on the planet.


delta-K, journal of the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association

Table of Contents

1. Mathematics and visual arts education
2. Understanding the language of mathematics and visual arts
3. Mathematics and art in flora and landscapes
4. Mathematics and art in fauna of the land, sea, and skies
5. Mathematics and art in the human figure
6. Mathematics and art in the designed environment
7. Mathematics and art in designed objects
8. Making connections: Teaching and learning between the lines

I'd recommend this book to any educator who is open to the idea of truly integrated math and art activities.

Roberta La Haye, delta-K, journal of the Mathematics Council of the Alberta Teachers’ Association

Daniel H. Jarvis

Daniel Jarvis is a full professor at Nipissing University's Schulich School of Education. He received his PhD from Western University, and his research interests include integrated curricula, instructional technologies, teacher professional learning, and educational leadership. With a background in both mathematics and visual arts, he has enjoyed teaching courses at all three levels of education.

Irene Naested

Irene Naested is a full professor and chair of the Department of Education and Schooling at Mount Royal University in Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Irene's background as an artist, author, and educational leader in K-12 and post-secondary institutions has provided her with many valuable, varied, and rich experiences. She is passionate about the role of arts in the education of young learners.