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Fun, easy ways to teach the law to elementary students

There is growing interest from teachers at the elementary level in addressing legal topics, concepts and skills with their students. Let’s Talk About Law in Elementary School addresses their need for relevant ideas and materials that can be integrated into the core subjects of social studies, language arts, and science. It also provides information on where to obtain other useful materials for classroom use, as well as law resources to assist them in developing their own classroom materials.

The contributors are active in law-related education, either at the public school level, in program administration or at the post-secondary level.

Table of Contents

Introduction: Filling a Gap — Let’s Talk About Law, Wanda Cassidy and Ruth Yates
1. Why Teach Law in the Elementary Classroom? Wanda Cassidy
2. Educating for Civic Participation: Law-Related Education in the United States, Mabel C. McKinney Browning
3. Resolving Conflict in the Elementary Classroom, Michelle LeBaron and Victor Robinson
4. Affirming Democratic Principles in the Classroom, Ruth Yates
5. Looking at Law Through Story Drama, Heather Gascoigne
6. Managing Peer Pressure Through Law-Related Literature, Margaret Ferguson
7. Making Law in the Primary Classroom, Lois Klassen
8. Experiencing Law Through Games and Simulations, Ruth Yates
9. Facing an Issue Through Critical Thinking and Decision-Making in Social Studies, Shelby Sheppard
10. Exploring Law Through Forensic Science, Allan McKinnon and Peter Williams

Wanda Cassidy

Wanda Cassidy, PhD, is an associate professor of education and the director of the Centre for Education, Law and Society at Simon Fraser University. Her research and publications focus on citizenship and human rights education, including legal literacy for youth, ethics of care, marginalized youth, and cyberbullying/cybercivility. In 2011 Dr. Cassidy was awarded the prestigious Isidore Starr Award by the American Bar Association for excellence in law-related education.

Ruth Yates

Ruth Yates recently retired as the coordinator of the Centre for Education, Law and Society in the Faculty of Education at Simon Fraser University, where she taught courses and developed curriculum and resources on law-related education for schools.