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Culture plays a major role in what we are, but also in how we help others cope with the new challenges that face everyone in a world growing "smaller and smaller." Counsellors in a multicultural environment cannot use approaches that only reflect a Euro-centric worldview, nor can they separate the spirit, mind, emotions, and the physical world. The transpersonal theory combines all of these elements with "culture friendly" strategies that can work with a variety of people. The chapters in this book follow the transpersonal approach to group work, along with some ideas that expand on the theory. Chapters cover issues such as: first encounters; living and learning in a group; awareness; art, imagery and fantasy; dreams; using psychodrama; gender; relationships; cross-cultural communications; the environment; and spiritual dimensions.

Table of Contents

1. First encounter
2. Living and learning in a group
3. Group development and group action
4. Awareness: Perception in the group
5. Art, imagery, and fantasy: Methods of group facilitation
6. Alternative dimension of self: Dreams and group work
7. Using psychodrama in the group
8. Gender issues: Implications for the group
9. The issue of relationships and group work
10. The issue of cross-cultural communication and the group
11. Reconnecting to the environment: Embracing the natural world
12. Spiritual dimensions of the group experience: Honoring and letting go

M. Honoré France

M. Honoré France, EdD, is from the Ani-yun-wiwa First Nation and is a professor at the University of Victoria, where he teaches courses in diversity, family therapy, group dynamics, and research methodology. His current research and teaching interests are cross-cultural counselling issues, ecopsychology, counselling residential school survivors, and crosscultural child development.