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A typical workday for a university professor might include addressing 400 first-year students in a huge lecture auditorium, and -- in the same day -- coaching a single, nervous, and uncertain doctoral student who is struggling to complete her dissertation. (Don’t even ask about the research, writing, and committee meetings.) As this professor, you might cope by figuring out lessons and sessions on the fly, or you might dig into memories of what you learned from your own teachers.

Over the years, university students have shown that they need to learn and communicate in a variety of ways, and with a range of new technology. Professors must adapt to this environment and continue to mentor well-prepared, analytical students by being inspired and inspiring teachers. In these essays, the contributors trace the many ways that professors have achieved excellence.

New university professors will find guidance and insight in these essays, which also contain reflections by university students. What skills and knowledge did they learn? How did their values and beliefs transform? At the end of their degree, were they same people that they were upon university entrance?

Table of Contents

Section I: The Teacher
1. Lecture of a lifetime: Good conversations as “The Goad to Joy,” Ron Glasberg
2. Teaching IS, Margo Husby
3. Learning to teach, Christine Mason Sutherland
4. Embodied learning and pedagogical places, Brian Rusted
Section II: The Student
5. Millennial angst: Students, universities, and change, Jo-Anne André
6. A fifty-year dialogue with students and science, Cooper H. Langford III
7. Thoughts on interdisciplinarity: A mature student's journey, James Butler
8. The student experience: What it's worth, Danny Baez
Section III: The University
9. The end of boundaries and the constancy of change, Dawn Johnston
10. Getting here: Welcoming students to the research university, Doug Brent
11. The dream life of academics and the scholarship of fantasy, George Melnyk
12. Night thoughts from the ivory tower, Michael McMordie

George Melnyk

George Melnyk is an associate professor of Canadian studies and film studies in the University of Calgary's Department of Communication and Culture. He is the author of more than 25 books.

Christine Mason Sutherland

Christine Mason Sutherland is professor emeritus in the University of Calgary's Department of Communication and Culture. Specializing in rhetoric, both theoretical and practical, she pursued research in the history of rhetoric.