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The essential resource for aspiring and professional editors

Whether you are a student of the craft or a working editor, you need The Complete Canadian Book Editor.

From building and managing author relationships, through acquiring and developing manuscripts, to every level of text editing and proofing for print and ebooks, editors play integral roles in the operations of a book publishing house. In The Complete Canadian Book Editor, veteran editor and professor Leslie Vermeer sets out both the concepts and the processes that an effective editor must command.

Dr. Vermeer guides aspiring editors in presenting themselves successfully to employers and clients, and working editors will recognize the voice of a mentor in her advice about career advancement.

Editors at all levels—along with authors and self-publishers—will find in The Complete Canadian Book Editor all of the step-by-step editorial tools they need to take projects from promising beginnings to their full potential. With exercises throughout, The Complete Canadian Book Editor reinforces key concepts, and builds your skills as an expert editor.

Topics include:

  • Manuscript acquisition and book contracts.
  • Editorial stages, from development to proofreading.
  • Design and production, including digital workflow.
  • What every editor needs to know about marketing.
  • The state of book publishing in Canada today.
  • The future of publishing, and why editors are more important than ever before.

Table of Contents

1. Why edit books?
2. The book industry in Canada and North America
3. Acquisition
4. Contracts
5. The substantive edit: Building trust
6. Editing the manuscript 1: Technical editing
7. Editing the manuscript 2: Textual editing
8. Book design and manufacture
9. Sales and marketing
10. On the horizon: The future for book editors
11. Exercises
Appendix A: An editorial checklist
Appendix B: A sales and marketing planner
Appendix C: Standard markup symbols
Appendix D: A grammar primer
Appendix E: Building an editing library
Glossary: Publishing lingo

I would recommend this book as a useful resource for anyone who would like to obtain a broad overview of what the role of the book editor entails

The Editors’ Weekly, the official blog of Editors Canada

What’s valuable about this book is that it’s one of only a few books about the whole book publishing process.


Leslie Vermeer

Leslie Vermeer, PhD, is a writer, editor, reviewer, and professor who holds master’s degrees in English and education. Leslie has worked in publishing for more than twenty-five years, having edited or worked on more than one hundred books to date, and has served as a juror on a number of writing, editing, and publishing awards. Leslie teaches at MacEwan University, where her focus includes editing, grammar, print studies, and communication theory.