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The Kitchen Table Classroom empowers parents to become meaningfully involved in the education of their children, whether they want to supplement school studies or completely home-school their child. Based upon current education methodology, the book contains methods to teach essential skills, as well as tidbits and hints, games and projects aimed at keeping motivation high. The author's approach is also is also sensitive to different learning styles.

Table of Contents

1. How to blend fun and learning
2. How to set your table
3. How to add the ingredients for success
4. How to measure in mathematics
5. How to weave writing into your day
6. How to instill the joy of reading
7. How to stir in additional subject areas
8. How to simmer it all together
9. How to get more information

Dianne Wilton

Dianne Wilton has been a teacher for more than 25 years, and she is also the mother of two boys who are themselves actively involved in the field of education. She applies current educational theory to practical, everyday learning opportunities. She has worked with children, parents and teachers in a wide variety of settings: public and Montessori schools, private tutoring, special-needs education, and distance correspondence programs. From these varied viewpoints she has gathered powerful methods to instruct, motivate, and keep the learning fun.