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How do you write better essays? It’s not just about understanding the proper structure and avoiding common errors—you also need to discover who you are as a writer and learn how to use the gifts you already have. Writing instructor Laura Swart gives you the tools to unlock your potential as a writer and create essays that will stand out from the rest of your class. Stop boring your profs with dull papers and get better grades!

You’ll learn how to:

  • Read critically, ask effective questions, and grapple with difficult texts;
  • Define the rhetorical situation for each writing event and contextualize pieces appropriately;
  • Develop an effective writing process—from exploring, to creating, to revising and editing;
  • Write analytical papers with persuasive thesis statements and supporting theoretical arguments;
  • Use appropriate source materials, ensuring that quotations are relevant, poignant, and seamless;
  • Extend the boundaries of your thinking, giving a wide berth to mundane, ubiquitous ideas.