• Detention Reviews in Canada

    A Practical Handbook on Law, Procedure, and Practice for Lawyers, Immigration Consultants, and Law Students

    Raj Napal

    This one-stop resource for detention reviews presents a comprehensive overview of the process administered by the Immigration Division, a branch of the Immigration and Refugee Board of Canada.

  • Toronto Guide to Clinical Ophthalmology for General Physicians, Residents, and Medical Students

    Dr. Daniel J. Weisbrod, Dr. Tina Felfeli, Dr. Sherif R. El-Defrawy

    This guide covers the core concepts and skills residents and students need to know about ophthalmology.

  • Restraints in Dementia Care

    A Nurse’s Guide to Minimizing Their Use

    Dr. Atul Sunny Luthra, Yarima Gonzalez-Kucinska, Heather Millman

    This resource outlines the process for obtaining informed consent for the use of restraints and provides algorithms for determining whether the application of restraints is appropriate.

  • The Intellectual Property Guide

    IP Literacy and Strategy Basics for Supporting Innovation

    Myra Tawfik, Karima Bawa

    Myra Tawfik and Karima Bawa show how organizations can protect and leverage their IP to advance their objectives while avoiding common pitfalls.

  • Gross Morphology of Common Diseases

    This is the most comprehensive resource of gross images of human disease, with more than 1000 images drawn from several institutions, including the vast collection of McGill’s Department of Pathology, one of the world leaders in pathology education.

  • First Nations Self-Government

    17 Roadblocks, and One Chief’s Thoughts on Solutions

    Leroy Wolf Collar

    Chief Wolf Collar identifies 17 issues that currently hinder Indigenous Nations—including broken treaty promises, problems with common forms of band administration, and the intrusion of provincial governments—along with potential solutions to overcome them.

  • Last But Not Least

    A Guide to Proofreading Text

    Leslie Vermeer

    This handy guide is a combination primer and workbook to teach you the specific skills you need to find grammar gremlins, typos, and other slips that mar your copy and compromise communication.