• Education Law for Teachers and School Administrators

    Jerome G. Delaney
    Jerome G. Delaney tackles some thorny questions and provides educators with a comprehensive overview of the legal topics they may face in their day-to-day jobs
  • Vancouver Notes

    High Yield Consult Templates for Internal Medicine

    Dr. Brandon Tang, Dr. Meiying Zhuang, Dr. James Tessaro

    A curated handbook of high yield consult templates for internal medicine trainees.

  • The Rheumatology Handbook for Clinicians, 3rd Ed.

    Dr. Lori Albert
    A practical, comprehensive and fully illustrated handbook for residents, practicing physicians and medical students.
  • Pathology Review and Practice Guide, 3rd Ed.

    Dr. Zu-hua Gao
    The updated third edition of the most comprehensive review guide for pathology board exams.
  • Last But Not Least

    A Guide to Proofreading Text

    Leslie Vermeer

    This handy guide is a combination primer and workbook to teach you the specific skills you need to find grammar gremlins, typos, and other slips that mar your copy and compromise communication.