• 9781550597240

    Education Policy

    Bridging the Divide Between Theory and Practice

    Jerome G. Delaney

    Jerome Delaney, a professor of educational administration and former high school principal, answers the big questions about education policy in this handy primer for students.

  • 9781550597165

    Elements of Indigenous Style

    A Guide for Writing by and about Indigenous Peoples

    Gregory Younging

    This book provides guidelines to help writers, editors, and publishers produce material that reflects Indigenous people in an appropriate and respectful manner.

  • Sutherland birthing cvr 3

    Maternity in Good Hands

    Holistic Massage for Pregnancy, Labor, and New Parents

    Christine Sutherland

    Alleviate painful pregnancy symptoms with the power of touch.

  • 9781550596946

    Essentials of Pediatric Emergency Medicine

    Dr. Rahim Valani

    This quick reference guide provides residents and physicians with a valuable tool to help diagnose and treat the most common pediatric emergencies.