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Vivian Manasc, one of the founders of Manasc Isaac Architects, has pioneered sustainable architecture in Canada. Her work in partnership with Indigenous communities has been her greatest inspiration, and it has transformed the very nature of her practice. Through the profound lessons of the seven Grandfather Teachings, Vivian came to understand that the process of planning and designing a building should be a circle, with the beginning and end of the story linked together.

The stories Vivian tells in Old Stories, New Ways are also framed by these teachings of Courage, Love, Wisdom, Respect, Truth, Humility and Honesty, with each teaching illuminating an aspect of how working with Dene, Cree, Saulteaux, Métis, Inuit and Inuvialuit communities has influenced her design practice.

Vivian Manasc

Vivian Manasc is the principal architect of Manasc Isaac, a sixty-person architectural and engineering studio with offices in Edmonton, Calgary and Bucharest, Romania. She is past president of the Royal Architectural Institute of Canada, past vice-president of the Canada Green Building Council and served, until recently, as a member on the National Capital Commission Advisory Committee on Planning, Design and Realty. For over thirty years, she has been an innovative design thought leader who has advocated for and designed sustainable buildings and low-carbon, net-zero architecture in the context of global climate change. She attributes much of her passion to her learning from Indigenous Elders. She resides in Edmonton, Alberta.