• Toronto Guide to Clinical Ophthalmology for Physicians and Medical Trainees

    Dr. Daniel J. Weisbrod, Dr. Tina Felfeli, Dr. Sherif R. El-Defrawy

    High-yield topics physicians and medical trainees need to know to treat the most commonly encountered ophthalmic diseases.

  • Restraints in Dementia Care

    A Nurse’s Guide to Minimizing Their Use

    Dr. Atul Sunny Luthra, Yarima Gonzalez, Heather Millman

    Your best tool to optimize patient care by minimizing restraint use.

  • Say Something!

    Writing Essays that Make the Grade

    Laura Swart

    Writing instructor Laura Swart gives you the tools to unlock your potential as a writer and create essays that will stand out from the rest of your class. Stop boring your profs with dull papers and get better grades!

  • Stuck!

    Learn to Love Your Screenplay Again

    Josh Miller

    Learn how to craft a compelling story, deploy advanced techniques used by professional screenwriters, and harness your unique voice to give your screenplay real substance.