• 9781550597448

    Birthing in Good Hands

    Holistic Massage for Pregnancy, Labor, and Babies

    Christine Sutherland

    Alleviate painful pregnancy symptoms with the power of touch.

  • 9781550597509

    Epidemiology for Canadian Students, 2nd edition

    Principles, Methods and Critical Appraisal

    Dr. Scott Patten

    The second edition of Epidemiology for Canadian Students introduces students to the principles and methods of epidemiology and critical appraisal, all grounded within a Canadian context.

  • 9781550597660

    Epidemiology for Canadian Students Workbook

    Dr. Kirsten Fiest

    Master the core concepts of Epidemiology for Canadian Students with more than 70 questions that will sharpen your knowledge.

  • 9781550597585

    Cut It Out

    10 Simple Steps for Tight Writing and Better Sentences

    Laura Swart

    If your writing needs a pick-me-up, here’s a triple espresso.