• Education Law for Teachers and School Administrators

    Jerome G. Delaney
    Understand the most common legal issues that confront K–12 teachers and administrators in Canada.
  • Principles and Techniques for the Aspiring Surgeon

    What Great Surgeons Do Without Thinking

    Dr. Keegan Guidolin
    In this must-have guide for medical students and surgical residents, Dr. Keegan Guidolin makes the implicit learning of experienced surgeons explicit so that you can learn the things that nobody thinks to teach you.
  • The Rheumatology Handbook for Clinicians, 3rd Ed.

    Dr. Lori Albert
    A practical, comprehensive and fully illustrated handbook for residents, practicing physicians and medical students.
  • Gross Pathology Handbook, 2nd Ed.

    A Guide to Descriptive Terms

    Christopher Horn, Dr. Christopher Naugler
    This highly practical guide helps pathology professionals quickly and accurately describe surgical and autopsy specimens as they perform gross dissection.