Your story, your history, your vision: beautiful, custom-crafted commemorative books for corporations, organizations, and families.

A book is much more than words and pictures bound together. In this digital age the printed book stands out.* It is tangible and lasting, a testament to commitment, permanence, and value. With all that at stake, it's important to get it right.

Brush provides a full-service team of professional writers, editors, designers, and book printers who work with clients to produce unique, custom-published books that satisfy your plans and vision. We manage the process from start to finish so that you do not have to deal with the myriad details that go into making a book. And as owner of the book, your approval is required at every stage of the process—you're always in control.

We also provide local, national, and international distribution for both your printed and digital editions. Our distribution network includes all major Internet retailers, such as Amazon, Barns and Noble, and Indigo, as well as ebook retailers, such as Kindle, Kobo, and iTunes. We also distribute to bookstores.

There's nothing quite like giving a thoughtfully crafted print book as a gift: to celebrate an anniversary, milestone, or special event; to recognize and thank employees, members, or benefactors; or to welcome visitors and investors. Books are effective tools for promoting brands, selling a service, and attracting customers and clients. And when it comes to family histories, what could be more special and lasting than a book?

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*Indeed, printed books are beautiful, but we also produce eBooks in a variety of formats, should you wish to have a digital edition.


Examples of our work (click covers for preview on Google Books)

Client: Fort McMurray Public School District, Fort McMurray, Alberta


Client: Wood's Homes, Calgary, Alberta